1. What are the main characteristics of Cross?

Cross is a self loading stretcher with variable heights. The main characteristics are:

  • Shortening;
  • Stability;
  • Technological back saver;
  • Different loading heights;
  • Patient Zone;
  • Advanced noise reduction system;
  • Ergonomic Design;
  • SCS System, passive suspension;
  • Pivoting self positioning wheels;
  • Twist System.

2. Is Cross equipped with passive suspension?

3. Is Cross stable?

The anti-capsizing system, a characteristic of Spencer, guarantees maximum stability. The advanced geometry of the legs permits excellent weight distribution and together with the welded frame absolute stability is assured.

4. How safe is Cross?

The safety of Cross can be put down not only to the anti capsizing system and testing procedures but also to its “intelligent safety” features. An automatic lock for the legs avoids the risk of the legs accidentally closing up.

5. What is the maximum loading weight?

160 kg [352 lbs].

6. Is Cross easy to manoeuvre?

Cross is equipped with the Twist system, studied to resolve the problem of reduced manoeuvrability typical of the self loading stretchers. To increase mobility it is sufficient to just action a lever and the wheels will automatically pivot. Just release the lever and the wheels will immediately return to the original position. This system assists manoeuvrability and at the same time reduces strain on the lumbar area during changes of direction.

7. Is Cross easy to use?

Yes Cross can be used in full ergonomic harmony even when physical or atmospheric conditions are adverse. All the functions have been studied to interact comfortably in a rational and intuitive way.

8. How is Cross tested?

Cross undergoes the 10G crash test as prescribed by the EN1789.

9. Is Cross adaptable to any type of ambulance?

Yes, thanks to the variable loading heights of Cross it can be adapted to any ambulance.

10. Can Cross be used with any type of loading platform?

Yes, Cross is adapt for any type of loading platform so the same stretcher can be used on different emergency vehicles.

11. What is the advantage of the new Patient Zone?

In the critical areas for patient assistance, the frame has been modelled in such as way that any assistance and operations are easier and more comfortable to carry out.

12. The wheels of Cross are adapt to all ground surfaces?

The wheels have an ample diameter, good elastic properties and are solid. This in particular means that the wheels will not puncture and will resist bumps and bangs. Cross can be used on any type of ground surface; gravel, tarmac, sand, grass, etc.

13. Can Cross be used in any scenario?

The strength and versatility of Cross make it ideal for any scenario and when necessary Cross can even be shortened by lifting the trolley upwards or downwards as required.

14. Is Cross noisy?

The positioning of the metal parts and the self lubricating systems in nylon guarantee that the device will function silently time after time.

15. Are there any risks for the operator using Cross when moving the patient?

Cross helps to load the stretcher on the ambulance. Thanks to the innovative Back Saver it is not necessary to lift the stretcher, it just has to be pushed.

16. What type of mattress is supplied?

Cross is equipped with a heat welded mattress with three longitudinal segments that nest around the patient giving a notable psychological impact by making him feel safe.

17. Is Cross easy for hygiene?

Yes, the mattress is made of SPEN-TEX and is completely water tight. The board is made of double shell polyethylene which makes it easy to maintain hygienically and therefore reduces the risk of cross infection.

18. What kind of maintenance is needed and how often?

Cross needs to undergo the maintenance programme yearly as specified in the CE normative. The checks and service required depend on use. We advise a complete check up once a year just to be sure that the high quality levels are maintained.

19. What accessories are available?

  • DNA Strap – Restraint belts with integrated retractor. Thanks to the retractor the belts will no longer be in the way during rescue operations and they will keep cleaner and wear less.
  • Track – I.V. holder available in three versions (left, right, double). The innovative Track systems allows the storage of the pole under the stretcher surface and out of the way during standard operational procedures.
  • Tanker Cot – 10 G tested cylinder holder made in high density polyethylene with rubber inserts. Tanker Cot makes removal and insertion rapid and easy while fully respecting the functional aspects with a reduced space requirement.
  • Cross Interactive – CD-rom. Multi media support with interactive demonstrations.

20. Can it be personalized?

Yes, the frame and the board can be personalised with your name or logo.

21. Are other colours available?

A wide range of colours make it possible to obtain 56 versions which reflect the personality of Cross together with that of its owners. The frame can be made in 8 different colours and the board in seven.