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The choice of fixation system for transport devices is one of the most delicate phases during the construction of an ambulance. The wrong choice can cause inconvenience and jeopardize the safety of the vehicle, of the operation rescuers and the patient. The Spencer fixation systems are the fruit of research that has generated important results in terms of security and efficiency.


It is the fixation system for stretchers certified 10G in conformity with the technical regulations EN 1865 and EN1789. The hook on the front part is formed of a lever system that locks on contact with the front pin of the stretcher. Unlocking is made very simple thanks to the command grip which once activated unlocks the stretcher which can then be removed from the ambulance. The hook is manufactured in painted carbon steel which will resist to use in a temperature range that goes from -20 to + 60°C [from -4 to 140 ºF].

FP and FA

FP (posterior fixation) together with FA (anterior fixation) make up the fixation used for the stretchers that are not certified 10G. The posterior fixation is made out of highly resistant vermicular graphite and composed of a base which must be fixed directly to the loading platform of the ambulance and a mobile part which guarantees the fixation of the actual stretcher. The anterior fixation is manufactured in stainless steel and composed of a traverse frontal fixation which limits the movements of the stretcher and an adjustable guide that laterally stabilizes the stretcher. A building geometry that confer security and convenience.

R-Max. Fixation system 10G


Three systems. Unique quality

Cross Crossover Carrera Tec Carrera Pro Carrera XL Cross Up 8409 Ella Self Enduro Alto
Cross Cross Carrera Tec Carrera Pro Carrera XL Cross Up 8409 Ella Self Enduro Alto


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FP and FA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
America 37/38 Yes

Further information

The R-Max system is dedicated to the stretchers certified 10G.
The hooks America 37/38 are dedicated the stretcher X-Frame Enduro.
The self-loading stretchers not 10G certified are fixed with the fixation systems FA and FP.
For the stretchers Enduro for the European market the hooks FA and FP will be used and, as an option, a loading/unloading system for the stretcher.

Ideal for rescuers

We noted the silence of the Spencer R-Max and there is just no comparison with other 10G fixings!

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The fixing system is of fundamental importance because the wrong product can compromise the safety of the whole vehicle.