This is not a stretcher. It is an emergency system

Trendelenburg configuration Trendelenburg configuration
Stretcher shortening Stretcher shortening
Advanced noise reduction system Advanced noise reduction system
200 mm [7.87 in] Pivoting wheels 200 mm [7.87 in] Pivoting wheels
Self positioning Wheels Self positioning Wheels

Alto. Efficient, secure, well-performing

This stretcher has been developed to meet with the market's ever increasing demand of stretchers with an automatic raising system. The stretcher is particularly indicated for the applications and the transport between hospitals. Alto is a x-frame stretcher with a special oleo dynamic system able to raise the patient's platform to the height of one metre.

The raising system, that easily adapts to the body build of the rescuer, significantly reduces the operator's efforts during loading and pushing.

The patient's platform – available in a version that is 560 mm [22 in] in width and in a larger version that is 660 mm [25 in] in width – and the load capacity of 250 kg [551 lbs] clearly convey the strength of this stretcher developed with a stainless steel welded frame work that guarantees the durability and resistance of the product.

A wide range of accessories complete the product placing it among the top of the range high performing products: IV pole, basket container, cylinder holder, ergonomic footrest complete this stretcher making it reliable not only for the transportation but also for the rescue.

the ideal companion for rescuers

The service adjuster makes it possible to use the stretcher in a setting that suits my height and the different loading requirements. It's really useful.

patients would choose Spencer

It's not easy to move someone with my weight. When they moved me from one department to another I noted that the nurse had absolutely no problem to push and manoeuvre. It made me feel more relaxed.

recommended by ambulance builders

The product is extremely sophisticated and robust. It puts us in the ideal working conditions and gives us the possibility to supply cutting edge emergency vehicles.

This stretcher has a wonderful turning capacity and very little sideway movement. Even though it's high, it's stable and easy to manoeuvre.

I've got a problem with my leg and getting on a stretcher is always a problem. This stretcher which adapts to the sitting position of the patient makes getting on a game for anyone.

The balance between price and quality makes this stretcher truly competitive and gives us the opportunity to guarantee an exceptional product to our customers.

the fleet of Spencer's stretchers

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