This is not a stretcher. It is an emergency system

Sospensioni attive SCS Spencer Compliance System
10G 10G crash test product
Configurazione Trendelenburg Trendelenburg configuration
Riduzione del rumore Advanced noise reduction system
Ruote 200mm 200 mm [7.87 in] Pivoting wheels
Ruote autoposizionanti Self positioning Wheels

Cross Up 8409. Completely versatile

Cross Up 8409: two products in one. A self loading stretcher with adjustable heights created for working in extreme operative conditions. A detachable stretcher that allows the operator to assist the patients wherever they may be in a fast and secure way.

Incredible manoeuvrability, modularity and an exceptional geometrical design to optimize the work of the operator. The stretcher can be loaded by one single person without having to lift the weight of the patient. With one simple gesture the detachable stretcher comes away from the trolley and insertion is made easier thanks to an automatic mechanism. The telescopic handles guarantee a comfortable and secure grip of the detachable stretcher making it easier to lift the patient.

Despite Cross Up 8409's simple style the stretcher has not renounced the ergonomics of the commands. Cross Up 8409 is moreover completed by the optimization of the space, the stability of the support area, the safety of the kinetic mechanisms and the reliability of the materials chosen. Characteristics that all together make this stretcher pass the most difficult tests with excellent results. It is not a simple stretcher but an authentic emergency system.

the ideal companion for rescuers

I can load the stretcher onto the ambulance all by myself with a simple movement. I don't risk to hurt my back.

patients would choose Spencer

I wanted to get up and they said : "Don't move! We'll do it!". They then put the stretcher on ground level and in an instant I was in the ambulance.

recommended by ambulance builders

The stretcher can be adapted to different loading heights in order to fit different loading levels of the ambulance.

Thanks to the telescopic handles we can use the detachable stretcher as a real stretcher.

To feel that we were in good hands in the most delicate moment of our life really has no price.

Once the hook is installed, you can even change the type of Spencer stretcher. The hook stays where it is.

the fleet of Spencer's stretchers

Cross Crossover Carrera Tec Carrera Pro Carrera XL Cross Up 8409 Ella Self Enduro Alto
Cross Crossover Carrera Tec Carrera pro Carrera XL Cross Up 8409 Ella Self Enduro Alto