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Trendelenburg configuration Trendelenburg configuration
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Enduro. Incomparable dynamism

The essence of stability and manoeuvrability. Enduro is the Spencer fleet's multilevel semiautomatic stretcher. The robust structure and the welding of the frame allow this stretcher to handle a loading of 250 kg [551 lbs]; the variable heights and shortening of the backrest simplify the manoeuvres despite the loading weight. An efficient partner in every circumstance thanks also to a series of accessories. The robust table, the accessories compartment, the oxygen tank holder are designed specifically for this stretcher and are easily installed making the Enduro functional and versatile.

Enduro, thanks to its stability, guarantees the security even of a newborn; a platform in aluminium with predefined storage points, that can be personalized, has been designed to carry different kinds of incubators. Enduro incubator is the version with incorporated or extractable platform completed with telescopic handles.

the ideal companion for rescuers

With Enduro, even the heaviest of our patients can be transported easily and with no extra effort.

patients would choose Spencer

While I was on the stretcher I could of course hear what was going on around me and I felt I needed to lift my head and have a look. Being able to check the surroundings made me feel more relaxed.

recommended by ambulance builders

This stretcher is so reliable and long lasting that we really only see the owners when it's time for the periodic revision.

The glove compartment of Enduro is really handy and safe. We can use it as a worktop and as a place where to keep many of the things we need for the rescue procedures and of course also as a keeping for the patient's personal belongings.

I was a long time on the stretcher before they found me a bed but I have to say I felt quite comfortable on the nice mattress and my back really did not feel any worse.

Our vehicles are constantly being driven in risky conditions and their safety depends on the correct fixing devices. The test results, that the Spencer test centre has supplied, leave us with no doubts regarding their reliability and we like to work like this – without a doubt in our mind!

the fleet of Spencer's stretchers

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