The impossible is now possible. Crossover is coming

Sospensioni attive SCS Spencer Compliance System
10G 10G crash test product
Configurazione Trendelenburg Trendelenburg configuration
Accorciamento della barella Stretcher shortening
Riduzione del rumore Advanced noise reduction system
Ruote 200mm 200 mm [7.87 in] Pivoting wheels
Ruote autoposizionanti Self positioning Wheels

Crossover. Now you can

We always try to improve and we continue working on our already top performance products to reach maximum efficiency and quality.

So, to answer our customers requests, we have improved the loading capacity of the Cross, by increasing the diameter of both the front and the rear legs. Thanks to this we are now able to load 250 kg [551 lbs] maintaining exactly the same dynamics .

This is how Crossover was born under the same roof as Cross.

The typically curved design of the Cross and the chromed frame give it its elegance while the front pivoting wheels thanks to the twist system are able to amplify the already incredible manoeuvrability of this stretcher making it both elegant and powerful.

the ideal companion for rescuers

With just one movement the side bars lower and turn to hidden storage position which makes work easier.

patients would choose Spencer

When they moved me from the bed to the stretcher I didn't get the bump in the back like other times.

recommended by ambulance builders

The 10G hook is easily installed and can be used with all the Spencer certified self loading stretchers.

No comparison with manoeuvrability: even with patients weighing more than 100 kg [220 lbs] I can move the stretcher without any effort.

For us obese even the easiest of movements can be a huge effort. When I got onto the stretcher I thought “now it's going to collapse!” but even though it did not look so strong it certainly was!

We've been working with the Cross for years. Once the customers have tried working with a stretcher with suspension system they just can't do without it.

the fleet of Spencer's stretchers

Cross Crossover Carrera Tec Carrera Pro Carrera XL Cross Up 8409 Ella Self Enduro Alto
Cross Crossover Carrera Tec Carrera pro Carrera XL Cross Up 8409 Ella Self Enduro Alto