A simple instrument. Perfect for difficult moments

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Ella Self

Ella Self. Simple and functional

The self loading stretcher for the ones that love simplicity. The very simple design makes this stretcher a practical instrument with contained costs.

This stretcher, fruit of Spencer's experience in the world, allows all rescue operators to work efficiently and in complete safety. A reliable partner that with 20 years of experience adapts to every occasion without any kind of problem.

The functionality of this stretcher is also founded on its two different versions.

Ella Self in its compact version is a practical stretcher fast to use. An exceptional geometry and the advanced distribution of the weight of the patient give stability to the stretcher during transportation. The Self effect reduces the loading and unloading manoeuvres to a simple pushing movement.

The version with separable trolley is composed of a roll-in trolley and a stretcher, with wheels and special tracks, that easily slides onto the trolley where it is blocked automatically. The combination of the trolley and the stretcher results in a separable stretcher unique of its kind. The predisposition for the storage of the spine board makes this stretcher a complete instrument without renouncing on lightness and simplicity.

the ideal companion for rescuers

During rescue operations it's essential to have everything you need on hand. A stretcher that is three products in one cannot be beaten.

patients would choose Spencer

I didn't understand what was happening to me but I do remember one thing: when they lifted me onto the stretcher a sense of security overcame me. I was in good hands.

recommended by ambulance builders

At last the stretcher adapts to us and it's no longer us adapting to the stretcher.

The Ella Self is so light and versatile it feels like it moves on its own.

I had never been on a stretcher before. It is an experience I could have done without but it was certainly much better than I could have ever imagined.

The affordable price helps to make a very competitive price of the finished emergency vehicle.

the fleet of Spencer's stretchers

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